Sourcing Request

Interested in a product or size which is not available on our website?

Well don't worry, submit a sourcing request via the form below and we will aim to source the product you desire within 72 hours. 

Please ensure that your request is detailed, to ensure we're able to source the product within a timely manner and provide you with the best service possible. 

Please include the size, colourway, quantity needed and product code, if possible.

Once we have sourced the item you're after, we will contact you with a final quotation.

Please note that we are unable to guarantee that we will manage to fulfil every request. We will aim to source all your desired items. However, if we do not contact you with a quotation within 72 hours, your sourcing request was unsuccessful unfortunately.

All products will undergo a thorough legit check to ensure they're 100% Authentic, always.